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Here is where you will get all you need to rise up and succeed as a Christian Entrepreneur, especially if you have been given a Fivefold Business Calling.

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What if you have a Fivefold Ministry Calling instead? Can you still get something from these publications?

You Certainly Can!

It is impossible to carry out any kind of ministry today without some means of financial support. And if you have tried to do any kind of ministry, you know by now that finding the finances to live while you do the work of God is never an easy thing.

So if you need money to obey the call of God, this is for you

And if you have a fire burning in you to rise up in business, and you are Christian, then you will become a Christian Entrepreneur, and this site is especially for you.

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Keys to Self-Motivation

How to Persist Until You Succeed

All of us would like to rise up higher than we are right now. In order to rise up and become great, all it takes is to start where you are and persist until you succeed.

Easier said than done.

Do you know what it is that stops most of us from rising up and succeeding in life? It is the inability to keep motivated enough to persist to the end.

Motivation did not exist in the English language until recent times, we all know what it is. But there is much more to it than you realize.

This series will cover all you need to know about how you can get the motivation you need to succeed

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2. Archives of previous articles if you only joined us recently
3. Free ebooks, video and audio files for download containing valuable teachings on the subject of business, finances and the fivefold business calling
4. Free online videos on how to succeed in business and fulfill your calling as a fivefold business entrepreneur.

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